Konferenzankündigung: 2024 Annual Simulation Conference (ANNSIM) – "Humans, Societies, and Artificial Agents"

Prof. Dr. Petra Ahrweiler

I’m honored to serve as the track chair for "Humans, Societies, and Artificial Agents" of the 2024 Annual Simulation Conference (ANNSIM), organized in Washington, D.C. on 20–23 May 2024.

We invite scientists, engineers, educators, and industry professionals who develop or use M&S methodologies and tools to participate and present original contributions. This is an excellent opportunity to showcase your work and connect with academic and industry experts! We’re counting on your submissions (due in January) on select topics in "Humans, Societies, and Artificial Agents" with a special focus on Policy Modeling. Accepted papers will be published by IEEE.

ANNSIM is one of the main conferences of the general simulation community, covering state-of-the-art developments in Modeling & Simulation (M&S).

This year, we’ll feature new and exciting tracks on modeling and simulation in the areas of sustainability, business process management, and cyber security. We’ll also retain many traditional tracks, including digital twins, cyber-physical systems, machine learning and AI, theory and foundations in modeling and simulation, medicine, and architectural and urban design.

Join us in Washington, D.C. and let’s make ANNSIM 2024 a success!

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